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Here is a brief list of the current Projects that we are working on:

  • The Art of Cracker Jack

    For fan and newbie, The Art is Cracker Jack focuses on the Cracker Jack prize as American art as well as collectible. It's an appreciation website that provides background on the history of Cracker Jack, prize image galleries, and general collector information.

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  • Total Bacon

    Infotainment relating to slot-machines and gambling in general. We like the art that the various slot machine manufacturers use to build a complex engagement process between the slot machine and the end user. Also providing reviews of slot machine and casinos.


    This site is for information and entertainment purposes only, hence "Infotainment".  If you have a gambling problem then please visit the following:




  • Web Comics On-Line

    Take a trip down a road that will make you laugh, cry and ponder the world around you.


    Some of the concepts  discussed and the art used in various aspects of these endeavors are not meant to offend but to open a dialogue that will expand understanding and a sense of wonder of the universe as a whole.


    You have been warned. If you are brave enough then come on in.


    If you would like to contribute to Web Comics On-line please contact us: Please put WCOL in the subject line.

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  • Lenny The Lint

    Rants and Raves, providing a quirky view of the world and trying to make everyday awesome.


  • The Time Lapse Channel

    It's a channel about Time Lapse. A year long project which started in August 2016, to document the changes seen in Chicago all based on a single location.


                            The Time Lapse Channel YouTube Channel:


  • Brick by Brick

    A plastic building brick (Lego) based YouTube Channel covering political commentary, and  reinterpretations of classic movies, shows and operas all using the properties of of this fun toy.


                                 BrickByBrick YouTube Channel

  • Block by Block

    Come and explore the wonderful world of sandbox construction and destruction:


                                    BlockByBlock YouTube Channel

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