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PolarKaze Media provides expertise for all your current media consulting requirements. Whether marketing, Film production services, e-commerce, artistic and creative support as well as how those endeavors support various Social Innovation Initiatives. Our product portfolio is extensive, as would be expected from the depth and breadth of experience we have in the industry. If there is something you are after and is not listed on our web site, we would encourage you to get in contact with us. If we can't help you, we are sure we know someone who can.

Support of the arts, becomes an important part of any companies primary roles. This is especially true for PolarKaze Media. This is not just about being able to get a specific message across to a broader market but also gaining an understanding of the artist's creative process and how best we can utilize our talents to enhance their capabilities.


To this end we are very selective on who we choose to represent.  Please do NOT send us unsolicited submissions.


Currently we are working with the following:


                                   Mil-O-Rad (Please click through to artists page)

What is Social Innovation?

When we look at the world we live in today, much of what we do has little or no impact on the grander scheme of things. We may start out with the best of intentions and an ideal that is very dear to our hearts. But a lot of that can get lost in the general background noise.  There is so much information from so many different sources that the "Message"  gets diluted to the point of inconsequential rhetoric.


This is why it becomes of the utmost importance that we address a series of core values that can drag us up out of the mire and once again project a sound and significant understanding of what we are doing.


To this extent the basis of what can be accomplished is broken down to the following:








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