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 – Never be afraid to dream bigger –

It you'll indulge us, we would like to change the world

PolarKaze Media is a Chicago based multi-media company that provides through a unique combination of technology, consulting, and insight, a different world view in part based on the creative and not just the nuts and bolts of any solution.


At PolarKaze Media we provide insightful, creative, and more importantly adaptable solutions whether based on New Media, Information Technology or just a different way of looking at the world!


In order to build a great company, we believe that you must have happy clients and happy employees. As a privately held company, PolarKaze Media has the ability to measure performance differently than most, so we choose to measure the satisfaction of our clients and co-workers.


Naturally, revenues and profits are a pre-requisite, but we work hard to service our client’s needs and we measure the performance of our services.


By providing an interesting and above all creative environment, PolarKaze Media strives to meet the needs of our clients as well as our employees. Our clients and employees are at the end of the day our most important asset.



In essence, three words describe our company’s vision:

– Integrity – Honesty – Respect –

PolarKaze Services

PolarKaze Media is proud to provide representation for the following:

DerZandaa is a Chicago based Photographer & Artist – Urban insights can be developed by understanding all the stories that make up peoples day-to-day lives. These images provide a mere snapshot into those lives. 

You Can contact DerZandaa directly at:



DerZandaa Etsy Shop: 

The following is from DerZandaa’s Tokyo Streets & Alleys Series 1

Mil-O-Rad (Coming Soon)